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Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, has always been a goal of mine to study, now more commonly called East Asian Medicine. But, it is vast and a bit daunting. So, I am so glad to have a teacher who is very knowledgeable to learn from. This system of healing contains a wealth of techniques, so that even if you aren't interested in needles, (which truly are very tiny), you can experience relief. Here is an in-depth article with clickable links describing TCM and many of the therapies: HERE

I am looking for people to help me practice. I will be offering 50-minute sessions for $50 which may include some or all of the following:

*Intake with tongue and pulse analysis
*Tui Na {Chinese Massage for the Meridians}
*Acupressure for the Points 
*Cupping {Applied to the body to facilitate healing}
*Gua Sha {Tool used to move adhesions}

*Moxibustion {Herbs burned near the body by acupuncture points}


***For more information on San Fu Winter Wellness, please click HERE

I hope to see you soon for a session! Call or message me with any questions or concerns. 




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