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San Fu Winter Wellness

This series of 3 herbal application treatments has been shown to help increase health and wellness in the winter for those with upper respiratory issues and to help prevent colds and flu. Traditionally, dating back to the 1600s in China, these sessions are done on the hottest days in the summer, ten days apart. This year the 3 dates are:

July 12th 

July 22th

August 1st

The treatment is fairly quick, starting with an initial consult, then the herbal paste is applied and held on with medical tape to specific points on the body, mostly the back. Wear a comfortable, loose fitting shirt. The paste is left on, then you'll go home. You can remove it in a few hours. This is safe for children and adults.

For more questions, please contact me. To be scheduled, let me know you want to be on the list and I'll book your time. 

$50 for all three sessions


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